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The most well known river of the Kashmir valley is river jhelum locally known as veth. It comes out of the octagonal spring of verinag Its flow is very fast up to khanabal and from khanabal upto Baramulla it moves slowly. In olden days jehlum was used for navigation purpose hundreds of boats , shikars used to move people and from khanabal to Baramula .This river is used for irrigation purpose also as most of the paddy fields are irrigated by river veth or its tributaries.Famous places like Anantnag, Brijbehara,Awantipora and Pampore are situated on the bank of river jhelum. It passes through middle of city of Srinagar and about nine bridges have been constructed to across the river .Visitors and tourists can be seen in houseboats enjoying the scenes on the banks of this river and shikars take them from one place to another. Jehlum goes winding outside the city and flows into the greatest sweet water lake of asia , the wullar. It comes out of it and goes through the middle of Sopore and Baramulla.At Mahura near Baramulla A canal has been taken out of it and Mahura Hydro Electric Power Station was been Constructed in the year 1905.The river then Moves fast and passing through hills and valley goes to Muzzarabad. In short, the prosperity and beauty of Kashmir depends on the river jhelum also.