Mulbekh Gompa, Mulbekh Kargil, Jammu & Kashmir perched in the Himalayas and surrounded by Zanskar plateau and Suru River. The topography of the Kargil district is characterized by craggy peaks, steep slopes, narrow gorges, and deep valleys. The land is the center of religious generosity. The land is an abode of a number of Buddhist monasteries. Temples of prehistoric origin get well with the Buddhist temples while increasing the spiritual splendor of the place.

monasteries in kargil

Kargil and Leh are the two districts of Ladakh. Kargil became famous even before Leh or Pangong Leh, during the war of 1999 between India and Pakistan. The beautiful town of Kargil district has some attractive tourist places that would make a travel enthusiast visit it time and again. Zanskar, which in the Kargil district is home to many beautiful Buddhist monasteries.

If you ever visit Kargil or Leh (by road) then don’t miss a trip to the Buddhist monasteries in Zanskar and Shargole. These places are dotted with some of the most picturesque and ancient Buddhist monasteries of the world. Visit the Sani Monastery built by emperor Kanishka, and is one of the eight holiest Buddhist sites in the country. Watch the delightful medieval frescos at this monastery. Also visit the wonderful Rangdum Monastery, with a tiny museum housing Tibetan artifacts. The Zongkhul Monastery is built inside a spectacular cave and makes for a very interesting visit. Karsha Gompa is one of the most imposing monasteries in the Kargil region built along a cliff, and can be seen from far off. The Stongday Monastery is built on a rocky outcrop, and the Phugthal Monastery has a spectacular location where it spills out of a majestic cave and balances itself on a gorge. Also, visit the 8th-century rock carvings in Padam’s river bank. Some of the other monasteries you can visit are Mulbekh Chamba Monastery, Shargole Monastery and the tiny Buddhist temple at Phokar Rizong.

zanskar road
Zanskar road


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